How to Sell Digital Products with PayPal

When selling digital products such as eBooks and PDFs, music, e-zines, art, and software many people choose to use PayPal as their preferred payment gateway. PayPal provides a simple way for people who sell digital products to collect payment; however, PayPal does not provide a secure method of delivering digital products to paying customers. A Plus Download fully integrates it download delivery service with PayPal's payment mechanism so that when your customers pay through PayPal they are limited in the ways they can share your digital products with other people.

The Benefits of selling digital products with PayPal

The market for people who sell digital products is growing exponentially and it is important that those who purchase these products use a payment gateway that is reliable and trusted by both merchants and customers. With support for 24 different currencies and over 190 countries we feel that PayPal is the most reliable effective method to accept payment, and that is why we recommend that all our sellers use PayPal to collect payments from customers. For those who sell digital products, PayPal is hands down the the best payments solution. Its free to create an account and set-up will take you only minutes. please click here to be re-directed to PayPal's sign-up page.

PayPal Accounts

PayPal offers sellers of digital products two types of accounts, a regular account and a micropayments account . Each account works best depending on the amount sold to the customer. A regular PayPal account charges 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction while a micropayments account charges 5% + 5 cents per transaction. PayPal recommends a micropayments account when the majority of the transactions are below $12.00. When most payments will be above $12.00 US then its recommended to stay with the regular PayPal Account. Our A Plus Download service works seemlessly with either account.

PayPal Web Payments Standard and IPN (Instant Payment Notification)

Whats great about our A Plus Download Sevice is that its integrated with both PayPals Web Payments Standard and Web Payments Pro. Most of customers though use Web Payments Standard because it requires no monthly fees compared to Web Payments Pro, and you pay PayPal only when you sell. Further we take advantage of PayPal's Instant Payment Notification script call back capability. What this means after each transaction our service receives a notification from PayPal to verify and check the validity of the transaction checking cost, the PayPal e-mail address receiving the payment and currency which allows us to allow or disallow the purchase. This further enhances the security of your digital products.


We have provided a number of tutorials listed above which further explain how to sell digital downloads online. Please read them over and sign up today.

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