Our Digital Download Service is Ready for Testing

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This example demonstrates the purchase of 1 product that includes two files for download. After you complete the purchase there will be a download link for each PDF file.
The benefits of this feature are:

  1. customers don't have to worry about unzipping archived files.
  2. allows you the publisher to match and mix your digital files into groups of products to offer specials and see what customers like to buy
Demo of 2 PDFs as 1 Product

Shopping Basket Example
This eBook Download example demonstrates the purchase of 1 PDF File added to a Shopping Basket. Having a Shopping Basket allows customers to return to the Merchant's web site to add additional items.

DEMO - 1 PDF Purchase added to the Shopping Basket

Skip Shopping Basket Example
This eBook Download example demonstrates the purchase of 1 PDF File without a Shopping Basket and going straight to the PayPal Checkout. Its good for merchants selling single products and don't require the purchase of additional items.

DEMO - 1 PDF Purchase skipping Shopping Basket and Straight to PayPal

Demonstration of an eBook with a Watermark. Try this purchase and your name and address will be embedded into the PDF eBook. You can find the watermark in the bottom left hand corner after purchase.

After purchase the watermark will look like this:

Prepared for [email protected]. Not authorized for reproduction or distribution.
Sell Downloads

See what the customer sees!

  1. PayPal Button
    • You can customize the image or use a standard PayPal image.
  2. Shopping Basket and Checkout Page
    • The Checkout Page is on a Secure Server
    • Allows the customer to return to any page on your Web Site by pressing the Continue Shopping Button.
    • Provides Explicit Instructions and our E-mail address for Support.
    • The Customer has the option of using an E-mail Address different from their PayPal Account E-mail Address to Access the Downloads.
    • The Checkout and Thank-you Pages can be Enhanced with your Web Site's Logo and Design.
  3. Payment at PayPal
    • Pay with PayPal
    • Pay with Credit Card
  4. The Thank-you or Return Page on our Web Site
    • Link(s) to Download the eBook, Software Program, Audio File, Music Download etc.(s)
    • Receipt Summarizing the Payment
    • Link to the Customer's Account
  5. E-mail Receipt Sent
    • Link to log in to the Account Module to Download the Digital Good
  6. Account Module
    • Secure Access to Download the Digital File

* Note the penny submitted is not refunded. We make periodic donations to CDI , a Toronto/Canada based organization dedicated to helping children and adolescents who have learning disabilities.