Teachers - How to Sell Course Materials Online

Many Schools are going online but they need a way to sell their teaching materials for their courses.
A+ Download is the service which can help you.

Here is what we offer

  • Watermarking of all PDFs on every single page (custom requests welcome!).
  • An optional Terms and Conditions Agreement before the student completes the purchase.
  • A pre-purchase option. They pay you first and then we set-up the download for your students.
  • Reports to let you know who has purchased the materials
  • E-mail text links that you can send to your students to make the purchases.
  • Bundle your course files into one product each one will download separately (no need to zip them into one file).
  • Very Important - Great customer support. We make sure all your students get their purchased materials and are always available to provide assistance.
  • Contact us at support at bytesinteractive.com or 416 398-7256 to find out how to get started. We will be happy to discuss your needs by telephone.
  • Now try the watermarking in real time. Enter Coupon: WATERMARK01 for a free download to see the copyright with your e-mail address. Also you can't checkout till you read the terms and conditions. click here